Winter Tyres

Every car owner in the UK knows how troublesome it is to drive around when the roads are covered with snow. Your car struggles for road grip, and even the slightest uphill comes with the risk of sliding backwards. Thankfully, we, West Road Customs, keep a wide stock of winter car tyres in Peterhead to ensure you stay safe during your daily commute this winter.

Winter tyres are specially designed car tyres that can tackle even the worse climate conditions and can bite the road even through a thick layer of snow. At our garage, you will find products from brands like Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, Goodyear, and many more suitable for every type of vehicle that is on the UK roads.

What makes winter tyres different?

Experts recommend using winter tyres whenever the temperature drops below 7°C. It is not mandated by law; however, using these specialised tyres reduces the risk of getting stuck in tough weather conditions or avoiding worst case scenarios. The winter variants that you will use offer several advantages over ordinary car tyres. Let’s take a look at some of those.

Made for winter

The rubber compound that is used to make these tyres is much softer, which keeps these tyres pliable even in freezing cold. Unlike ordinary car tyres, which run the risk of losing traction in ice, winter car tyres provide enough grip to cut through even the worse of on-tarmac ice and sludge. Its flexible nature also ensures they use the maximum contact area while you are driving over snow. That helps in increasing road grip.

Smart grip

The winter car tyres in Peterhead that you will find at our facility will typically have deeper grooves and aggressive tread patterns. Such a unique tread pattern creates more surface area for better grip and improved handling. You will also find edge-to-edge sipes on these tyres carcass. These sipes eject trapped water from underneath the tyre and reduce the chances of aquaplaning.

Snow ready

Also, most of the winter tyre models that we sell are compatible with snow chains, making them better suited for solid ice and extreme weather conditions.

West Road Customs and our range of winter tyres

If you are looking to buy a brand new set of winter tyres in Peterhead, bring your car to our garage today. We are one of the largest tyre retailers in the neighbourhood, and our extensive stock surely has something that you want. On top of that, you will also find M+S, and 3PMS rated tyre in our garage.

Visit West Road Customs today, and buy the next set of winter tyres for your car.