Wheel Balancing

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wheel balance

Driving without evenly balanced wheels can lead them to bounce and wobble. Not only will it cause uneven tyre wear, but also discomfort and lack of control while driving.

Thus, wheel balancing can account for better handling and also make it safer to drive at high speeds. For professional wheel balancing in Peterhead, you can head over to our garage. At West Road Customs, we have the latest equipment that can make your wheels properly balanced.

Some causes of wheel imbalance:

Regular usage

Regular vehicle usage can lead to tyres getting imbalanced.

Manufacturing defects

Manufacturing defects can also cause the tyre to lose optimal balance. The majority of wheels don’t have evenly distributed weight.

Wheel misalignment

Driving with misaligned wheels for a prolonged period can create wheel imbalances as well. In such cases, you may also come to us for a wheel alignment service in Peterhead, Scotland.

Faulty or damaged shock absorbers

Another cause of wheel imbalances is driving with faulty or damaged shock absorbers.

How to know if your tyres are imbalanced?

Vibrations in the steering wheel

Your car’s steering wheel will vibrate if you drive with imbalanced wheels at high speeds. Newer cars are more prone to vibrations owing to their lightweight suspension system.

Vibrations in floorboard and seat

In addition to your steering wheel, your car’s floorboard and the seat will also vibrate when driving at speeds over 50 mph.

Scalloped or cupped tyre wear

Cupping or scalloping causes wear in specific areas of a tyre, leading to irregular wear and reduced tyre life.

How is wheel balancing done?

At West Road Customs, we use cutting-edge balancer machines to check the imbalances in a wheel. The tyre is spun at high speeds which tells us where and how much weight we have to add.

Wheel balancing involves the following two processes:


Static balancing reduces the wheel bouncing while driving. The machine shows the appropriate weight needed by the tyre on the outer side of the rim.


Dynamic balancing reduces the wobbling of a wheel. The balancer will tell us the required weights that need to be placed on the inner and outer edges of a tyre.

Why us?

At West Road Customs, we only employ the very best of mechanics and equipment that can provide you with exceptional servicing. Head over to our wheel balancing garage in Peterhead for a more comfortable and safer ride.