Wheel Alignment

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wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is a process by which car tyres are aligned and restored to their original position. Driving with misaligned wheels can lead to premature tyre wear and reduce your control over the car.

West Road Customs can help you by aligning your wheels to factory settings. Go for wheel alignment in Peterhead and improve your car’s handling and safety attributes. Our mechanics can perform all types of wheel alignment

Types of wheel alignment


Your car will require camber alignment if the tyres are tilting inwards or outwards when seen from the front. A negative camber happens when the tyre tilts inwards while a positive camber happens when it slopes outwards.

Camber alignment makes your wheels perpendicular to the road.


Your car requires a caster alignment if the steering wheel axle does not align with the tyres. When looking from the side, a negative caster happens when the axle tilts towards the front of your car. On the other hand, a positive caster occurs when the axle tilts towards the driver.


Your car will require toe alignment if they are inclining inwards or outwards when looked from above. A toe-in happens when the tyres incline inwards while a toe out occurs when they incline outwards.

Toe alignment will make the wheels parallel to each other.

Causes of wheel misalignment

Driving over speed breakers or potholes - Driving over speed breakers or potholes at high speeds can cause your car tyres to become misaligned.

Driving over a curb - Your wheel can get misaligned if you drive your car over a curb.

Natural wear of components - The natural wearing of your car components like the suspension system can also call for aligning your car wheels in Peterhead, Scotland.

Symptoms of misaligned wheels

Uneven tyre wear

Misaligned wheels can cause feathered tyre wear – wearing only on one side.

Car drifting to one side

The most symptom of driving with misaligned wheels is your car will drift to one side.

Steering wheel not centred

Your steering wheel will not be centred if your car has misaligned wheels.

Vibrating steering wheel

Apart from the above, you may also have to get your wheels aligned if your steering wheel vibrates.

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