Vehicle Restoration

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For us, restoring a classic is more than just bodywork and re-spraying. We restore classics to the nearest possible original specifications and upgrade it just how our clients want it. There are more than enough upgrades available at our garage regarding almost every aspect of your car.

We understand that restoring a classic is different from repairing a new car. There might be emotional or historical significance attached to it. We take utmost care to preserve its beauty as much as plausible while recreating its vintage essence.

West Road Customs offers start-to-finish vehicle restoration services on a wide range of classic cars. Our restoration service includes bodywork, welding and fabrication, painting as well as rebuilding the mechanical part of the vehicle. The end result is a car that is unparalleled in charm and unrivalled in performance.

So, whether you own a ‘67 Impala or a classic DB5, bring it to us for restoration. When your car leaves our garage, we promise that it’ll be as good as new, but with its old appeal. We offer the following services regarding vehicle restoration in Peterhead.

Restoration process at our workshop

A classic restoration is unlike any other car repair. It requires time and careful consideration about the desired outcome and the process required to accomplish it. A full classic restoration may take anything up to 6 months of rigorous work.

The best thing about that? If you wish to, you get to be a part of the team that decides and monitors the entire process. We will be in continuous touch with you to share the progress made, and also take your valuable inputs. We also store photographic evidence of each stage of the progress.

Our restoration service includes the following aspects.


Restoring the body of a classic is one of the biggest challenges. In most cases, there are years of rust and corrosion on it. We strip the entire assembly by media blasting and determine which parts require replacing.

We then take up the challenge of restoring it by getting rid of all the rust and smoothening out the body of dents and waves.


At our car restoration garage in Peterhead, we also check the condition of the mechanical components like the engine, suspension, steering and brakes, and repair or replace them as necessary.


Paint plays a crucial part in restoring the charm of a classic vehicle. Not only do we apply premium quality paint on the body, but also seal and undercoat it for prolonged protection against rust.

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We offer complete restoration services that would bring your old classic back to life. Call us today for free consultation and estimates.