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The sale of used cars has been on a steady rise at our garage, Peterhead, as more and more people are becoming aware of their cost-effectiveness. When you buy a used car from West Road Customs, it’s akin to buying a new car at almost half the cost. That’s because we have a strict quality control policy at the place that ascertains the quality of these cars before we put them up for sale.

Many people are still in a dilemma about buying used cars. Their reservations are not unfounded either as buying a second-hand vehicle comes with its fair share of risks; that is until we opened the shop.

Now, you can rest assured that when you buy used cars Peterhead from us, they have been through a thorough inspection for quality by our in-house experts. We do all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

Advantages of buying used cars

While you may be tempted to buy a brand new car, buying a used car makes more sense from a financial point of view. There are other added benefits to it as well.

The first and most apparent advantage of a used car is its obvious financial benefits. You can buy a used car at almost 50% of its original cost.

The depreciation rate is also drastically lower. Some used cars actually appreciate over the years.

The cost of customization is also considerably lower on used cars. If you want any customizations, you can do that at our garage at the best prices.

Insurance rates are also lower on used cars compared to new ones.

It’s an environmentally friendly option as well. Car manufacturing is one of the significant sources of pollution, which can be curbed to a certain extent if more people go for used cars.

Used cars sale in Peterhead

We are one of the largest used car retailers in this region. We sell cars in all categories. Regardless of your preference, if you are looking to buy used cars Peterhead, our workshop is the place to visit.

We sell:





Family cars and people carriers

Estate cars

We have inspected and performed the necessary repairs on these cars to ensure their optimum quality. Some of these cars are within the original warranty period as well.

Head over to our garage for buying used cars and saving a ton of money in the process. We also store OE-standard aftermarket parts should you want to change any part on these cars. Bodywork and re-spraying services are also available at our garage.

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