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French manufacturer Michelin is one of the oldest names in the tyre industry. They started their operation even before the first car started their journey. Since then, they have been at the forefront of tyre innovation and held their ground as one of the leading tyre manufacturers worldwide. At the moment, they are a hair’s length behind Bridgestone in the list of largest global tyre manufacturers.

At West Road Customs, you will find a fine selection of Michelin car tyres in Peterhead. We are one of the primary retailers of Michelin’s product in this region. Our collection boasts some of the best Michelin tyres which we have procured for your convenience.

Michelin produces tyres in all categories. They have a range of summer, all-season, and winter tyres which are suitable for every driving condition. At our garage, you’ll find their entire collection in all categories.

Michelin summer tyres

Summer tyres are inarguably the most predominant types of tyres in the UK. Most cars come factory fitted with summer tyres as they are versatile in almost every road condition as long as the temperature stays above 7°C.

Michelin has an impressive range of summer tyres for every vehicle imaginable. These tyres are known for their superior performance and durability.

We recommend

Pilot Sport 3: A max-performance summer tyre designed for high-end sports and luxury vehicles.

Unique traits:

Eco-friendly tyres with Michelin’s Green X technology.

Lower fuel consumption.

Asymmetric tread design coupled with Michelin’s Anti Surf System for exceptional wet and dry traction.

Michelin winter tyres

Winter tyres are the exact opposite of summer tyres in that they use a softer rubber compound and deeper grooves to enhance grip on snowy surfaces. Michelin uses other innovations on their winter tyres that make them even better performers on ice and snow.

If you are looking for Michelin car tyres in Peterhead for the winter season, you have arrived at the right place. We store a surplus of these tyres at our workshop.

We recommend

X-Ice Xi3: A third generation model of Michelin’s now legendary X-Ice series of studless ice and snow tyres.

Unique traits:

Green X technology for better fuel economy.

FleX-Ice based tread compound enriched with silica for better wet grip.

Cross Z sipes for matchless grip on snow.

Michelin all-season tyres

For places with a year-round moderate climate, all-season tyres are the most sensible options. These tyres combine the best of summer and winter tyres and deliver above-par performance all through the year.

We recommend

CrossClimate+: Michelin’s flagship Grand Touring A/S tyres designed for sedans, hatchbacks, and coupes.

Unique traits:

3D self-locking sipes for wet performance.

Twin steel belts with polyamide reinforcement for durability and high-speed stability.

3PMSF label which makes it suitable for driving on snow.

Buy your favourite Michelin tyres online or visit our workshop to get a first-hand feel before buying.