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Tyre Manufacturers - Dunlop Tyres

Amongst all the brands of tyres that we stock, Dunlop is by far one of the most sought-after products in our garage because of their high-quality and affordability. Dunlop has been in the industry for over a century now and achieved a loyal customer base with their customer-centric approach.

Our collection of Dunlop car tyres in Peterhead is as exhaustive as it is affordable. We store Dunlop tyres in all price points and seasonal variations. If you are looking to swap your existing car tyres for a new set, visit West Road Customs and check out our range of premium Dunlop tyres.

We have a stock of Dunlop tyres in summer, winter, and all-season categories. Whatever your requirements, there’s something for you at our garage.

Direzza ZII Star Spec

An Extreme-Performance summer tyre meant for performance cars and sedans. These tyres exert a matchless grip on the road for exceptional handling response. It uses the same tread compound as its predecessor, the Direzza ZII, which maximises the on-road grip. It also features Dunlop’s own True Circle Profile that provides stability at high speeds.

Recommended for

Speed and performance enthusiasts

Temperate climate

Sport Maxx RT

Another summer tyre from the house of Dunlop, the Sport Maxx RT is a run-flat tyre that allows you to drive for 50 miles even with a puncture. The defining feature of the Sport Maxx is its Z-speed rating which means that these tyres are safe to use at speeds more than 149mph.

Recommended for

Cars originally fitted with run-flat tyres

Powerful sports cars and performance sedans

SP Sport 7000 A/S

Dunlop’s all-season offerings are equally impressive with the SP Sport 7000 A/S leading the pack. It offers excellent ride comfort with a low noise emission. The asymmetric tread patterns with independent tread blocks provide superior handling performance on both wet and dry roads. It also features Dunlop’s Jointless Band or JLB technology for stability at high speeds.

Recommended for

Temperate places

Comfortable ride quality

Winter Maxx WM01

When it’s snowing outside, there’s no better companion for your car than the Winter Maxx WM001. These tyres have a silica-enhanced Nano-Fit compound that exerts a tremendous grip on snowy roads. It also employs Dunlop’s DRS technology for enhanced grip. It is also fitted with snow platform indicators that alert the driver when the tread depth is inadequate for winter performance.

Recommended for

Places with moderate to heavy snowfall

Dunlop tyres at West Road Customs

These are only a select few of our vast collection of Dunlop tyres. Visit our garage if you want to check out their entire range. Alternatively, you may buy Dunlop tyres online from our website as well.