Suspension and Shock Absorbers

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The suspension is a critical component of your car which provides stability and comfort during your daily drive. It is an elaborate system of dampeners and springs that absorb the shocks and impacts of an uneven road. At West Road Customs, we offer all-inclusive suspension repair packages to ensure all the components are in proper working condition and provide the best performance every time you take your car out of the garage.

Worn out or malfunctioning suspension system can be a significant safety issue. It can add up to 2 metres to your car’s stopping distance even when you are travelling at speeds of only 30mph. That’s why we recommend bringing your vehicle to our suspension service garage in Peterhead whenever you notice any issue.

How to detect a malfunctioning unit?

The first indication of a faulty suspension will be unusual stiffness or slack in your car. You will also notice the following issues –

Excessive body roll – Notice whether your vehicle is banking steeply when you are taking a corner or not. If it is, that’s an indicator of a defect in the shock absorbers. You will notice excessive body roll whenever you take a turn. It can be very dangerous; if your vehicle is heavily loaded, it might shift its centre of gravity and cause an accident.

Nose-diving every time you brake – If your car nose-dives every time you apply brakes, bring it to West Road Customs for a suspension repair in Peterhead. It is a clear indication that your car’s suspension system is malfunctioning. Replacing the springs and the dampeners will fix the issue.

Fluid leakage – Any leakage near the wheels and axles can be a severe safety issue as it can be caused by a cracked or overflowing fluid reservoir. It can cause a rupture in the dampeners, causing a severe accident. We advise checking for any fluid leaks once every 5 to 6 months, and if you find any, bring it to our garage and let our mechanics take a look at it.

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Like every other part of a machine, the suspension system wears out over time, losing its effectiveness. That’s why we recommend periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure it stays in working order. Bring it to West Road Customs; our suspension service garage in Peterhead is equipped with all the latest tools to repair your vehicles in the best way possible.