Summer Tyres

Summer in the UK is warm, humid, and replete with unpredictable rainfall. To tackle such a climate, you want tyres that will work on hot tarmacs, provide adequate road grip, and safety on wet roads. Summer tyres are tailor-made to work on such weather conditions, and you will find a wide variety in our garage, West Road Customs.

Experts recommend using summer tyres whenever the temperature rises above 7°C. Due to the mild all-year-round weather of the province, most of our patrons prefer to use summer tyres in Peterhead.

What are the advantages of using summer tyres?

Summer tyres offer multiple advantages over ordinary car tyres. They are an ideal choice for daily commutes around the city, as well as occasional trips over long distances. Let’s take a look why you should choose summer car tyres.

These tyres are very responsive and provide accurate steering feedback.

Summer tyres are made from a tougher rubber compound which can withstand high temperatures without melting. This makes them ideal for hot weather.

These tyres have wide ribs running through their entire length, which helps dissipate heat for better performance. These ribs also provide excellent grip giving you better control when you are cornering.

You will find thin sipes running through the carcass extending till the sidewalls. These help to eject trapped water from underneath the tyre and reduce chances of aquaplaning.

Design-wise, you will find a lot of similarities between these tyres and the ones used in race cars. The best summer car tyres in Peterhead that derive a lot of its features from racing tyres. That makes them ideal for longer runs and helps achieve better performance.

The sleeker profile also reduces the rolling resistance of these tyres, which in turn increases your car’s mileage by a significant margin.

What do we have to offer?

We offer a wide range of summer tyres in Peterhead at affordable prices and attractive discounts. From Bridgestone to Continental, Pirelli to Michelin, Goodyear to Dunlop, you will find some of the best brands on the shelves of West Road Customs. Also, we have a team of expert technicians who will help you choose the best set of tyres for your vehicle. They will consider your driving style, daily distance traversed, type of vehicle, and your budget to handpick the best option for you. We will also install the unit in your vehicle with utmost care.