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The exhaust system is primarily responsible for managing the fumes that come out of your car’s combustion chamber. These fumes are not only harmful to the environment but also toxic for a human body. As such, it is paramount that your car’s exhaust system performs optimally at all times. Any malfunction in the system should be treated promptly.

Our garage, West Road Customs in Peterhead, Scotland, treats exhaust issues with urgency and precision. We understand the role of the exhaust system in the smooth operation of a car, and how any malfunction in this vital part may impact its drivability tremendously.

So, if you notice any discrepancy in the performance of your car’s exhaust system, bring it to our exhaust service garage in Peterhead immediately. Delaying may cause further complications, and force your vehicle to a complete standstill.

But how would you know if something is wrong with your exhaust systems? Some symptoms of a faulty exhaust are provided below.

Symptoms of a faulty exhaust

You’ll notice the following changes in the performance of your car if your exhaust starts to malfunction.

Excessive smoke from the tailpipe

Loud noises from the engine bay

Drastic increase in the vehicle’s fuel consumption

Noticeable decrease in power output resulting in slower acceleration

Smell of gas in or around the car. Sometimes the unreleased gases may find a way to your passengers’ cabin through air vents

The first thing that you should do whenever you encounter one or more of these symptoms is bringing your car to our service station for an exhaust repair in Peterhead.

Disadvantages of a faulty exhaust

There are severe implications of driving around with a defective exhaust. Not only are you causing severe air pollution but you are also increasing the operating cost of your vehicle owing to the higher fuel consumption.

There are legal implications as well. If the British transport authorities apprehend your car with a faulty exhaust, you can be fined up to £2,500 and issued 3 penalty points against your license.

It is also not possible to pass the MOT with a faulty exhaust. If there is any visible smoke from the tailpipe or the DPF has been altered with for any reason, your car will not pass its MOT.

Exhaust repair in Peterhead

If you are facing any difficulty with your exhaust system in the Peterhead area, bring your car to West Road Customs for the most efficient exhaust repair service. We have the necessary expertise and the perfect tools to carry out exhaust repair with care.