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Modern cars are complex machines; there are hundreds of parts and sensors that work simultaneously to bring out its optimum performance. Unfortunately, just like any other machine, these can malfunction at any given moment, bringing the entire system to a standstill.

And, that’s where our engine diagnostics garage in Peterhead comes in. When you bring your vehicle to West Road Customs, we will run it through a thorough inspection to ensure all its components are working as they should. Also, thanks to the advent of ECU or Engine Control Units, that process has also become a lot faster and hassle-free. Now, all we have to do is plug a reader in the OBD port, and check the error log to see why the warning light is lit on your car’s gauge cluster.

Whenever you see the ‘check engine’, ‘ABS warning’ or any such warning light on your car’s dashboard, bring it straight to West Road Customs and let us check and repair the issue for you. Our engine diagnostics service is one of the best in the city; equipped with the latest technology, our mechanics will ensure a correct analysis and complete repair of your vehicle.

What can go wrong?

There are multiple parts which can cause a malfunction. Let’s take a look at them.

ABS – ABS is one of the most common reasons for car trouble. The sensors can trigger a warning for anything from misaligned callipers to worn-out brake pads. However, this is not something you leave unattended. Malfunctioning brakes can prove to be a serious safety hazard.

Fuel system – A malfunctioning fuel pump, dirty oil filter, or a leak in the line can cause the ECU to trigger a ‘check engine’ warning.

Faulty engine cycle – Out of tune engine can severely affect your car’s performance. An engine diagnostics in Peterhead will ensure your car stays in its optimum condition.

Why should you avail our diagnostics services?

A well-maintained car will serve you longer, as well as fetch you higher resale value. Periodic engine diagnostics and tune-ups will ensure a balance between power and fuel economy even if you have been using it for a long time. More importantly, it will prevent or show any critical problem beforehand. You should never ignore any critical car problem as it can snowball into a major repair after some time.

Bring your car to West Road Customs engine diagnostics garage in Peterhead whenever you see the first sign of trouble. Ensure that you are driving a roadworthy, safe vehicle by availing our affordable services whenever you want. Visit us today; also, you can book a priority appointment ahead of visit over the phone.