ECU Remapping

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ECU remapping changes the firmware and settings of your car for adapting to local conditions. If you own an imported car, you will require an ECU remapping.

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Before you take our service, learn a bit more about ECU remapping.

What is an ECU?

The engine control unit or ECU is considered the brain of an engine as it controls the car’s overall performance.

The ECU is connected to various sensors that send information regarding the functioning of all components. It then uses several actuators to ensure that the engine is performing optimally.

An ECU is responsible for controlling the following:

  • Idle speed
  • Electronic valve
  • Fuel injection
  • Variable valve timing

ECUs are programmable computer systems and can be remapped according to performance preferences.

What is ECU remapping?

The ECU in your car comes factory-tuned. Hence, you can remap it to suit the local climate and weather especially, if your car has been manufactured overseas.

Furthermore, remapping modifies the ECU if you have upgraded the engine with third-party components. Thus, your engine becomes compatible with those parts for delivering the required performance.

You have to remap your ECU if you have done the following:

  • Supercharged/turbocharged your engine
  • Upgraded your transmission system
  • Made modifications to your exhaust system
  • Upgraded your spark plugs

How is ECU remapping done?

ECU remapping replaces the existing “map” in your car with a new one. A “map” stores various tables which further contain information about your car’s performance.

When conducting an ECU remapping, we connect a computer with your car’s on-board diagnostics or OBD. This enables us to modify the values in the map tables and adjust them accordingly. Some cars may require removal of the EPROM and installation of a new one.

Should you go for ECU remapping?

You will get the most out of your car performance if it is turbocharged (diesel and petrol). You can also go for ECU remapping if your car runs on a naturally aspirated (NA) engine.

Some of the benefits of ECU remapping include:

1. More fuel efficiency

2. Lower turbo lag

3. Better acceleration

4. More torque and speed

In many cases, the fuel consumption shoots up after an ECU remapping due to faulty driving practices with the new upgrades. Hence, you have to keep your driving habits in check.

Why come to us?

West Road Customs has state-of-the-art equipment along with years of experience that can improve your vehicle performance by providing you with the best ECU remapping in Peterhead.