Car Tyres

Looking for a new set of car tyres? Getting a sticker shock every time you visit a garage? Or maybe you are not satisfied with the product they are offering?

Well, if that is the case, you should bring your car to West Road Customs, and check out what we have to offer. You will find every type of car tyres in Peterhead in our garage, and all our products are available at prices you won't find anywhere else.

What do we have to offer

At West Road Customs’ shelves, you will find products from some of the most famous tyre manufacturers in the world. We sell products from Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone, and other manufacturers.

Our entire stock is divided into two categories, based on season, and based on performance. For seasonal tyres, we have –

Summer tyres – Ideal for the year-round mild temperature of Peterhead, summer tyres come with a smoother profile and deep ribs that help dissipate heat throughout its surface. It is also an excellent choice to handle occasional downpour.

Winter tyres – Winter tyres come with more pronounced grooves and edge-to-edge sipes that help dissipate water and ice from its carcass. We recommend using winter tyres in Peterhead whenever temperature falls below 7°C.

All-season tyres – If you don’t want the hassle of changing tyres every season, go for the all-season tyres available at our facility. They offer acceptable performance throughout the year.

Other than season-specific products, we also stock performance specific variants tailor-made for different classes of vehicles.

Performance tyres – If you own a high-performance sports car, or a luxury vehicle, performance tyres is the ideal product for you. A sleeker profile and a wider contact patch ensure maximum speed without compromising with your safety or ride quality.

SUV tyres – SUVs require stronger tyres that can withstand the harshness of off-roading without compromising the quality of on-road driving. We have a wide range of these specialised car tyres for you to choose from.

Run-flat tyres – These tyres are becoming very popular thanks to the improved safety and convenience they offer. We stock run-flats for all kind of vehicles to meet everyone’s requirement.

Buy tyres from us

Whenever you visit West Road Customs, you will find a team of expert mechanics who will help you in everything from finding the best set of car tyres in Peterhead to fitting the new ones in your vehicle. We also offer a range of services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, puncture repair, general inspection and general car repair, all under one roof.

Visit us today; you can also call us to inquire about any product that you wish to purchase.