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No matter what you drive and how carefully you drive it, your car will inevitably require occasional repairs. When that happens, bring it to our service garage. We provide the full gamut of car repairs in Peterhead, at prices that are hard to find anywhere else.

A well-maintained car will last longer and perform better throughout the years. However, due to various reasons such as bad road conditions, mechanical faults and weather, the condition of a car and its various parts deteriorate over time. Some parts wear out while others suffer from intermittent failures. It’s neither safe nor convenient to drive a vehicle minus requisite maintenance.

Bring it to West Road Customs for the most effective car repair services in Peterhead, Scotland. Our dedicated team of technicians treat faulty car parts with efficiency and within the minimum possible time frame. Our primary expertise in car repairs lies in the following areas.

Brakes clutches and gearboxes

Any malfunction with these parts is a potential safety threat, and you should bring your car to our garage at the first sign of trouble. You must note that most of these parts are not repairable once they have worn out. Our technicians will have to replace them entirely for a new set.


Excessive exhaust fumes or loud noises are the most prevalent car repair requests that we receive at our garage. The exhaust is a complex mechanism that requires the expertise of our technicians to diagnose and fix.


Although some symptoms of a faulty battery can be repaired, dead or dying cells need replacement. We store some of the best aftermarket batteries for the purpose. Bring your car to our workshop whenever you see a noticeable drop of performance in your car’s electrical systems.

Wheels and tyres

Any damage to the wheels or tyres may leave your vehicle completely unfit for driving. Our express puncture repair service will take care of any leaks your tyres might have. We also store alloy wheels and a massive stock of spare tyres in case repairs prove to be inadequate and you need replacements.

We also perform yearly car servicing and engine remapping at our workshop.

Car Repairs in Peterhead

West Road Customs is inarguably the most reliable car repair garage in Peterhead. We are known across the city for our timely and affordable services. When you spot any malfunction on any part of your car, do not hesitate to bring it to us.