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We understand that the body of your car may get damaged due to accidents and various other factors. However, getting the best body repair is entirely in your hands if you choose West Road Customs for the task.

No matter how carefully you drive, there is bound to be the occasional scratches and dents on your car’s body. Instead of letting those ugly marks take the sheen out of your vehicle, bring it to our body repair garage in Peterhead. We fix dents, scratches and any other body damage plus more. Our body repair service is priced competitively to make it affordable for everyone.

Professional car body repair services

There are two aspects of body repair- one for accidents and the other for minor dents and cracks.

Accident repair service

Depending on the nature and severity of an accident, your car can withstand damage that requires fixing. If your vehicle has been through such a mishap, it must have various broken parts. We have the necessary expertise and gear to undertake major body repairs.

However, it is worth noting here that if the car has been through a major accident and the damage is too heavy to repair, we have to replace such parts. We can source a range of genuine aftermarket parts if need be without any hassle to you.

Dent removal

At our body repair garage in Peterhead, we also perform smaller bodywork repairs like scratch and dent removals. Short of accidents, anything can cause a dent or scratch on your car. Vandalism, careless parking, bird excrement, these are all potential reasons for scoffs and marks on your car body.

Our minor body repair package includes -

Car scratch repairs and removal


Dent removal

Panel beating

Vehicle glazing

Bumper repairs

We also have DIY repair kits that you can buy from our garage and do your car body repair in Peterhead at home.

Why choose us?

Apart from the fact that we are one of the leading car repair garages in this area, there are also added benefits of getting your car body repair done at our workshop.

Best-in-class price points

Prompt turnaround time; no unnecessary delays

All other types of car repairs available under one roof

Authentic aftermarket parts

Scratches and dents are the easiest way for a car to lose its charm. If you do not want that to happen to your vehicle, bring it to us at West Road Customs without delay!