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A malfunctioning car battery is among the most common issues that any car owner faces. The battery in your car provides the necessary power to start your vehicle; it also runs amenities like the air conditioning, music system, heater, lights, etc. However, these cells deteriorate over time and affect the performance of your vehicle.

Replacing your car batteries is an expensive affair, and many car owners dread the cost and cope up with a malfunctioning unit. But to ensure that doesn't happen to you, we, West Road Customs, have brought our extensive range of car battery in Peterhead.

We stock products for all types of vehicles, including cells for restorable and vintage cars. Moreover, all our products are available at affordable prices, so you won't have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket anymore.

How to detect a malfunctioning car battery?

The most prominent indication of a failing battery is low power output to different electrical components of your vehicle. For example, if your car’s headlights and interior lights have become dimmer, or the sound system is not working properly, it can be because of a failing battery.

Also, you will notice that it takes several efforts to start your car, which is due to the cell not providing enough power to the spark plugs.

Whenever you face such an issue, bring your car to West Road Customs and let us take a look. If it needs replacing, we will change it with the best product available for your vehicle. We also provide services like batteries repair in Peterhead if there are any repairable defects.

Our services

Our repairs and services include a complete inspection of all the components to ensure their maximum effectiveness. We start by measuring your car batteries output; it should be between 12V to 14V. If it’s any less than that, our experts will discuss the possible fixes with you.

We will also ensure that the terminals are clean and free of any acid residue or rust. These can hamper the flow of electricity and reduce performance.

We will also make sure that your car’s battery is properly fastened to its brackets every time we remove or replace the unit, along with applying a generous amount of battery grease on the terminals before connecting the clamps.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit West Road Customs today if you are looking for the best quality car battery in Peterhead. We will offer you prices you won't find anywhere else, and our services will make sure you get a trouble-free ride for as long as possible. Book your appointment today, or, bring your car directly to our garage at Peterhead, Scotland.