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Similar to all the mechanical components in a car, the electrical ones also require regular servicing for maintaining their integrity. For doing the same, you can head over to West Road Customs. We can deliver superior servicing and repairs for your auto electric in Peterhead.

Take our service now to keep your expenses low. Or else, a faulty electric component can cause a chain reaction to damage other parts. Hence, you will end up spending even more.

So, bring your car to our garage, and we will diagnose the problem and provide you with a repair or replacement.

Some electrical problems that your car may have:

No ignition

No ignition after turning the key is one of the most common issues. The reason? A dead battery.

A dead battery may not generate ample power for ignition. However, your car’s other electrical components like the horn and light may still work.

Charging the battery will solve the problem. However, if the battery still fails, it will have to be replaced. Also, loose or damaged battery cables can also cause problems with the ignition.

Faulty alternator

One of the primary reasons your car battery does not charge is a defective alternator. Hence, all symptoms of a low or dead battery might indicate a malfunctioning alternator.

For example:

Car stalling

Dim or flickering headlights

Difficulty in the ignition

Battery warning light is turned on

Power windows and sunroofs are performing slower

You should bring your vehicle to West Road Customs in Peterhead, Scotland if you are facing the above issues.

Damaged spark plugs

Damaged or faulty spark plugs can affect your car in various ways.

Some symptoms of a failing spark plug include:

Unusual vibrations and sound during the idle state

Reduced acceleration

Engine stalling and failing to start quickly

Misfiring engine

In addition to the above, you will also experience lower fuel economy when driving with a faulty spark plug.

Faulty starter or solenoid

A defective starter or solenoid will have the most obvious symptom – trouble starting the car.

Further, a damaged starter or solenoid has the following symptoms:

Produce repeated clicking sounds

Produce a single clicking sound

Key engages but does not disengage

Why are we the best?

West Road Customs has several experienced mechanics who can diagnose any problems in your car with precision. Bring your vehicle over to us for any car electrical repair in Peterhead.