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As the automobile industry advances in terms of technological innovations, manufacturers are increasingly tilting towards alloy wheels. At West Road Customs, we stock a large collection of alloy wheels for all types of vehicles.

Traditionally, wheels were made using steel as it is cheap and extremely malleable. However, alloys are now replacing that trend for their many advantages over steel wheels. An entire section of our workshop is dedicated to alloy wheels as we are noticing an ever-increasing demand for them in Peterhead, Scotland.

Many drivers wrongly believe that alloy wheels are only useful for cosmetic purposes. That is hardly the truth as there are numerous applications of alloy wheels connected to the performance of a car. Our in-house experts will be happy to explain these applications to you in details when you come to our garage for purchasing alloy wheels in Peterhead.

How are alloy wheels different?

The difference, as you might have already inferred, lies in the material used for making these wheels. While standard wheels are made from steel, alloy wheels use aluminium or magnesium, sometimes both, in their construction.

There are numerous advantages of using these alloys in your car wheels.

Lighter in weight

Aluminium and magnesium are both lighter than steel. These wheels are, therefore, considerably lightweight which translates to better fuel economy for your car.


Most people who come to our workshop to buy alloy wheels are looking for a cosmetic uplift of their cars. Alloy wheels have an undeniable allure that makes even the most ordinary car look tremendous.

Longer life

Alloys are less prone to corrosion and damage. They last decidedly longer than steel wheels.

Better performance

There will be a plethora of performance upgrades as well if you fit alloy wheels to your car. Braking and handling are both enhanced due to the lightweight and better heat dissipation properties of alloy wheels.

Better suited for tubeless tyres

Another innovation that is becoming increasingly popular is tubeless tyres. Alloy wheels are better suited for these tyres as there is a decreased chance of air seeping out through the point of contact between the rim and tyres.

Alloy wheels for sale in Peterhead

If these advantages have convinced you of purchasing a set of alloy wheels, visit our garage immediately. We have a range of alloy wheels for sale in Peterhead. We also have a team of in-house experts who will guide you through the entire process of purchasing the best alloy wheels for your specific requirements. We also offer wheel fitting services.

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