All Season Tyres

Are you tired of changing your car tyres every season? Worried about the cost of buying new tyres? Why don’t you take a look at our collection of all-season tyres in Peterhead?

At West Road Customs, we have a wide range of all-season car tyres to save you from the sticker shock of changing tyres every six months. These tyres are suitable for both winter and summer conditions; their unique rubber compound makes them softer than summer tyres yet harder than winter tyres, making them ideal for any weather condition. We have tyres suitable for every type of vehicle, available at affordable prices.

Why all-season tyres?

The primary reason for all-season tyres popularity is their convenience and economical value. Unlike weather-specific tyres, you don’t have to change them every season, helping you save a lot of money in the process. These tyres also do not require any special maintenance. All you have to do is keep up its recommended air pressure and they will last you for a long time.

All-season advantages –

These tyres have low rolling resistance, so you have better fuel economy on offer. This makes all-season car tyres in Peterhead an ideal choice for people who use their vehicle to commute every day.

The unique rubber compound gives it a balance between firmness and pliability, the best feature of their summer and winter counterparts. You can achieve speeds of a summer tyre while maintaining road grip and stability of a winter tyre with all-season car tyres.

Their tread pattern takes the best aspects from summer and winter variants. Most all-season tyres come with sidewall-to-sidewall sipes and aggressive grooves, albeit shallower than the winter tyres. This unique design reduces the chances of aquaplaning and improves handling on wintry wet roads without compromising your car’s mileage or increasing friction when you are driving over hot tarmac during summer.

A few things to remember

Despite their versatility, all-season tyres are not as good as dedicated summer or winter tyres. We would suggest using winter tyres if you would drive through heavy snow or packed ice, as these tyres are better at handling thicker snow.

We also suggest using summer tyres for extended use over too hot tarmac. Switch to summer tyres as they are better at handling hot and dry tarmac.

Looking for a set of all-season tyres in Peterhead?

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