About Us

We are West Road Customs, your reliable car service partners. We are the leading professional auto garage in and around Peterhead, Scotland providing the highest quality vehicle-related services.

Over the years, our name has become synonymous with exceptional quality. Since we are a comprehensive car service provider, you can get every type of service no matter how small or big. From oil change to ECU remapping, nothing is too complicated for us.


We are also the largest retailers of car tyres in Peterhead. We store spare tyres from all the big players in the tyre industry for you to choose from. These tyres have been quality-checked rigorously by our in-house experts. So, when you buy a tyre from our garage, you can rest assured that it is the best that you can buy. The following brands are available at our workshop.








The other aspect of our garage is providing above-par services for everything related to cars. You may avail our interim or full-service packages as per your requirements.

We also have the best technicians around who can take care of all your repairing needs. From simple puncture repairs to complex engine diagnostics, we do it all. We employ the latest equipment to perform all our repairing tasks.

Apart from the superior quality and competitive prices, probably the biggest advantage of our repair services is the quick turnaround time. We understand that nobody has the time to wait an entire day for a simple repair; we act accordingly and ensure that you have your car back in no time.

Apart from the traditional repairs, we also perform bodywork repairs. So, if your car is dented for some reason or you just want a fresh coat of paint, bring your vehicle to our workshop.

Car sales

We have a massive inventory of used cars that you can buy from our workshop at the best prices in Peterhead. Our experts have thoroughly inspected all these cars, and the necessary repairs have been done. If you choose to buy a used car from us, it’s equivalent to buying a new vehicle albeit at almost half the cost.

We have been in service for several years now and established a strong reputation for being a reliable service provider. Our strength lies in bringing all the aspects of car service under one roof. Most of our patrons are repeat customers because once you come to West Road Customs, no other garage will ever be good enough again!